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We are smaller than the big brands, which allows us to be more responsive to you — our customers. Yet, we have a strong reputation, giving our brand the credibility that off-brands cannot match.

Our Mattress Collection

We’ve been using the latest innovations and advancements to give the world better sleep for the past 60 years. We were founded in 1957 in New Jersey as a mattress factory. Our patented products, unique design elements and a strong emphasis on our customers propelled the company into the top ten mattress companies in America.

There are now more than 50 licensees worldwide, designing and manufacturing quality products under the Therapedic brand for our global customer base to enjoy good sleep every night. From innovative beds, bedding accessories and heated products, we offer only the best products for our customers in Singapore.

Our customers – you, are the most important focus for the Therapedic brand. Being a smaller company allows us to focus that much more on serving and meeting your needs. Our expertise in mattress making will ensure you get the best sleep using any of our products, instead of letting cheap mattresses affect your sleep and health. Depending on your needs, we have mattresses of each size for sale – from king, queen or even single mattresses.

We have several collections for sale in Singapore: Medicoil HD, Backsense, Therawrap and Bravura.

Medicoil HD builds on everything that has earned Therapedic its international recognition as one of the best manufacturers of bed products. It takes a back to basics approach to provide the best possible level of support to the user. Using our heaviest coils, thickest foam and strongest foundations, Medicoil HD is our sturdiest offering.

Backsense offers a personalised experience with a comfortable, yet therapeutic mattress design that provides individualised anatomical support for each different section of your spine. Backsense encourages you to sleep in a good anatomical position every night to enjoy the best quality of rest and recovery while sleeping.

Therawrap features our latest pocket spring technology. With individually wrapped coils, motion transfer is virtually removed, giving you peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

Our Bravura collection is the epitome of Therapedic’s treasured core values: the latest and greatest innovations paired with traditional hand craftsmanship of the highest quality. We have mattresses of all types and sizes here, from king, queen and single beds.