Why You Should Choose Coil & Pocket Spring Mattresses

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November 28, 2018
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December 11, 2018
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Why You Should Choose Coil & Pocket Spring Mattresses

When it comes to choosing between quality mattresses, it’s not unusual for you to arrive between choosing a coil and pocket spring mattress in Singapore. But worry not, in the article below, we’ll highlight the benefits of both of these types of mattresses.

The Main Difference

At the core of your mattress, you’ll either find a coil spring unit or a pocket spring unit.

Of course, there are mattresses that have no springs. With better mattress technology that has been developed over the years, every type of mattress has become better over the years. But, for the most part, if you have the money, you’re better off investing in either spring or coil mattress.

Between pocket sprung and open-coiled mattresses, the former generally offer a lot more support. This is because the individual springs of the mattress are housed inside their own pockets. They work independently from each other. This is unlike in open-coiled mattresses that work directly in conjunction with each other and move together when supporting the weight applied to it when you lie or sit down.

Benefits of Both Coil and Pocket Spring Mattresses

While it’s up to the preference of customers, both Coil and Pocket Spring Mattresses offer different sets of benefits to their users, making both of them viable for sleeping on. The benefits of both coil and pocket spring mattress is listed down below.

  • Low Price: An important factor to consider when purchasing mattresses is their cost. Because of its popularity and widespread use, coil spring mattresses are cheaper to get. This mattress can accommodate different types of budgets making it financially-friendly.
  • Familiarity: Customers tend to stick with the mattress that they are familiar with and have trusted over time, and since both of these type of mattresses has been in the market for a long time along with latex mattress and memory foam mattresses, they are the preferred choice for many people.
  • Durability: Both these spring mattresses are crafted for long-term use, making them really durable and comfortable for many years. 
  • Better Body Circulation: One of the most important factors in getting good sleep is having a great circulation. Both of these pocket spring mattress have space between them, allowing better ventilation during sleep. This feature helps to prevent body heat from accumulating, and promotes a healthier sleep condition.

Final Thoughts

Overall, both coil and pocket spring mattresses are two of the best mattresses that money can buy in the market. They are the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. They can last for a very long time with proper maintenance, making them worth investing in.

Remember, you’re going to be spending a huge portion of your life asleep on your bed. You might as well buy a mattress that can guarantee you a good night’s sleep every time you close your eyes to rest, and there’s nothing better than a coil or pocket spring mattress when it comes to that.

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