Which Type of Mattress Should Pregnant Women Use?

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Which Type of Mattress Should Pregnant Women Use?

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Pregnancy is already hard enough as it is. Your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes and there’s the anxiety caused of not only being totally responsible for the life of human being but also that this human being is going to change your life in more ways than you can count and that, quite possibly, you’ll never be the same physically ever again.

Having said that, as a pregnant woman, you deserve every bit of comfort and consolation as you can get. That includes getting at least a decent quality queen size bed in singapore that gives you the right comfort and supports you need for the entire nine months. While it’s impossible to recommend a catch-all solution for all women, you can use our quick guide below to help you make the right choice when shopping for a new mattress while you are pregnant.

Go for All-Natural

Switching to a mattress made with natural materials isn’t just so because you want to help the environment. Though that’s a valid reason, mattresses made out of natural materials are also much safer to use, especially for pregnant women.

Keep in mind that plenty of mattresses in the market still use components like petrochemicals, pesticides, and chemical flame retardants, among others, which can cause restlessness, allergies, breathing disorders, damage to the baby growing inside you, and in worse cases, even in cancer.

Get a Cool Mattress

Due to hormonal imbalances, night sweats are fairly common in pregnant women. Older mattresses weren’t equipped to deal with the proper technology to deal with this just yet. The new ones, however, are, which makes them heaven-sent for pregnant women.

A high-end memory foam mattress in singapore, for example, are made to be more breathable to help provide sleepers, including pregnant women, a dry and cool feeling for a peaceful sleep.

Proper Weight Distribution

Pregnant women often sleep lying on their sides, so maintaining a balanced posture can be extremely hard throughout the night. So, instead of just suffering through it, buying a high-quality mattress that provides equal weight distribution – like providing more support to the necessary areas as is the case with a memory foam mattress in Singapore – is a worthy investment.

Medium Firmness

The type of medium firmness that you prefer may be different from what others prefer. That’s okay. What is important is that you go and buy a new mattress that is neither too soft or too firm. This is an underrated aspect of choosing a mattress that benefits everyone and not just pregnant women. This is because when a mattress possesses just the right firmness, the quality of your sleep improves significantly, which makes it easier for you to stay and wake up active.

In general, however, pregnant women deserve to get a new mattress, especially if it’s their first time. It’s such a hard and trying time, and the stress born out of using an old, non-supportive mattress definitely doesn’t help. Consider trying out something like a memory foam mattress in Singapore today to see if it fits you or not.

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