Steps In Keeping Your Mattress In Top Condition

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December 6, 2018
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December 18, 2018
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Steps In Keeping Your Mattress In Top Condition

High-quality queen-size mattresses in Singapore don’t come cheap. Chances are, you want to maintain yours in mint condition for the longest time possible.

Fortunately, taking care of a mattress doesn’t require a complex process or lots of time and effort. In truth, it only requires a few simple steps for you to keep your mattress in pristine condition and extend its lifespan.

Use a mattress protector

Before you leave the shop, ensure that you have a washable mattress protector to cover it.

Whether it’s a pocket spring mattress or memory foam mattress, a sturdy washable mattress cover is one of the simplest and best ways to protect your mattress against dust, debris, dead skin, dirt, and spills.

A mattress cover ensures that your mattress does not cause any dust mites to form or the growth of mould and bacteria, thereby keeping off potential allergens.

Get a bed that can support your mattress

Make sure that your bed provides the right kind of support for your mattress. If possible, before shipping the mattress home, take photos of your bed and show it to the mattress supplier. They’ll recommend the right mattress shape for your bed.

Having the right support on your bed ensures the mattress materials and structure is maintained at its most excellent quality at all times.

Spot clean your mattress

Don’t procrastinate on spot cleaning. Clean off any spills or drops that may come into contact with your mattress.

If you have a mattress cover, good for you! Cleaning will be easier.

On the other hand, if the spill penetrates the covering material into the mattress, clean as soon as possible and follow the manufacturer’s direction. Food or drink spills are often magnets for bacteria and mould, therefore, cleaning up helps you to keep your mattress in tip-top condition. In addition to these occasional cleanups, ensure that you regularly clean the protective cover. Also, vacuum-clean your mattress at least once a month to keep off the dust and dust mites.

Wash bed linens regularly

Your bed linens may look decently clean from far but in reality, the bed linen contains a lot of dirt that you wouldn’t expect. As our bodies perspire and shed more oil, sweat, dead skin while asleep than they do when they are awake. Moreover, some people like to have a snack while in bed, often leaving some crumbs here and there.

All these factors and incidents make very fertile ground for bacteria and other microorganisms to thrive in turn trigger production of allergens and cause ailments.

If you don’t like cleaning chores, then your best bet for a mattress that can keep clean and avoid allergens is a latex mattress.

Rotate and Turn Over the Mattress Every 6 Months

You need to rotate your mattress and flip it over at least once every six months. Some manufacturers say it’s not necessary but if you want to make sure that the mattress remains in top condition and doesn’t have any damage done to it, you’ll reconsider that advice.

Flip your mattress over and rotate it 180 degrees after approximately 180 days, regardless of the make or size. When you do this, the part that holds your head will now support the feet and vice versa.

These steps will help you maintain your mattress in mint condition, giving you better support and sleep.

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