Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Quality Mattress

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Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Quality Mattress

Singapore Pocket Spring Mattress, Singapore King Size Mattress

People often don’t realize that it isn’t the bed frame, but rather the mattress that determines how comfortable your sleep is. One thing that every comfortable and serene room should have is a good mattress. Investing in a quality mattress is not only good for your sleep but also beneficial for maintaining excellent health. Here are the reasons why you should invest in one:

It saves you money

You will end up buying many mattresses since the shelf life for a cheap mattress is usually shorter than that of a quality one. This will eventually add up to your expenses due to the lack of spinal support offered by the cheap mattress. However, if you have a quality mattress instead, your expenses won’t rise and you wouldn’t even have to change it for many years to come.

Furthermore, since the quality mattress is made of high-quality material such as foam, it gives you great support for your neck as well as your spine, and an added comfort to ensure a sweet slumber every time you sleep on it. Therefore, it is crucial that you buy a quality mattress and save yourself the money you would otherwise waste on cheap replacement mattresses.

Overall health

Your immune system is weakened by lack of sleep, which is why you will begin to catch colds regularly when you are not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation also makes you irritable, unable to focus, and unproductive. There are plenty of other side effects accompanied by a lack of sleep.

By choosing a quality mattress, you can avoid all these and get the eight hours of sleep required for your body to function properly. In order for the body to repair and recuperate, it needs good quality sleep. By opting for a quality mattress like a Singapore pocket spring mattress, you will have improved blood circulation, fewer joint and back pains and even reduced swelling.


Unlike cheap mattresses, a quality mattress is much more rigid and stiff. It does not rely on any mechanical components like springs and relies solely on the density of the filling material. Singapore single mattress provides firm mattresses that have superior support for the back, unlike any other mattress. It’s even better if you get a Singapore king sized mattress for optimum comfort!


The average lifetime of a good quality mattress is about 5 to 7 years. Although some mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, it is usually just for the components. If you look at comfort and support, the condition of most mattresses starts deteriorating after about 3 years. However, with a quality mattress, all you require is reshape the mattress by giving it a good shake, and it will be as good as new. What’s more worth it to you—a mattress that can last you a lifetime or one that’s good for only a few years?


Quality sleep is an essential human need. A mattress and other sleep products is a significant investment that’s worth the money; it’s something you probably don’t want to buy more than once every five years. It will keep you away from having a bad temper; sore back, headaches, stiff neck, and even numb limbs, keeping you healthy, happy and more productive during the day.

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