Our Therawrap™ range, available in Singapore, features the latest and most advanced pocket spring technology: wrapped pocket coils. Every individual pocket coil is wrapped with a high quality and dense fabric, preventing sideways motion transfer through the mattress. Of all pocket spring mattresses, Therawrap will give you the deepest, most undisturbed and restorative sleep.

For mattresses, motion transfer happens when one sleeper moves and the energy is carried through the mattress. Most of us naturally shift or move slightly when we sleep, and this motion transfer can disturb others on the same bed and possibly even cause them to wake up.

5 Zones Pocketed Spring with Foam Encasement

To best support your bodyweight, Therawrap uses a unique spring configuration that follows the bodies’ uneven weight distribution. Our 5 Zone spring arrangement features a greater number of pocketed springs to better support the heavier regions of our bodies. Better blood circulation and eliminated pressure points are results of our 5 Zone system. Foam encasements are cornerstones in the mattress’ design and allow for side-to-side support across the entire mattress.

Natural Latex

Latex foam is used in our Therawrap mattresses to give you the most comfortable mattress and optimum sleep quality. Latex foam closely follows the shape of your body, giving you high levels of comfort and incredible orthapedic support for your body to rest in the proper position. Latex foam is also extremely breathable and anti-bacterial. You will experience absolute comfort and restorative nights of sleep.

Memory Foam

Our Therawrap mattresses in Singapore also feature memory foam, adding to the comfort provided by Therawrap mattresses. First designed in the 1960s to use in NASA airplanes, it is extremely soft while being able to absorb energy extremely well. Memory foam responds to the heat and pressure applied to it and molds into the shape of your body, distributing pressure and offering you supreme comfort.

Used in conjunction with latex and an innovative pocket spring layout, our Therawrap mattress will give you undisturbed comfort every night.