Is Sleeping On The Couch Bad For Your Back?

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Is Sleeping On The Couch Bad For Your Back?

At some point, we’ve all fallen asleep on that couch and woken up with a bad cramp in our necks – sometimes even a stiff neck.

That alone is enough of a sign that you shouldn’t be sleeping on your couch and should always dive straight into that king size mattress in your bedroom as soon as you feel like dozing off. But, if that’s not enough to convince you, read the article below to find out more about how bad sleeping on the couch is actually for your back and for your health.

Why Your Couch Is Bad For You

For starters, your couch wasn’t designed for sleeping; it’s for sitting down. It may be okay for the occasional nap, although even that isn’t encouraged, but because of how couches are designed, you shouldn’t really be spending any time lying down or sleeping down on them at all.

The material used for the seat cushion, which usually is denser polyurethane foam, as well as the spring support mechanism underneath allows it to resist the kind of pressure created when someone sits on one spot for too long. But, when your weight is stretched out across the full length of the sofa or couch, your entire body takes the full brunt of this.

Even worse, couches are far too stiff to support the body’s natural curvature. This is because of the material of the typical sofa, and because we usually sleep on our side when sleeping on the couch, which is the easiest way to keep our spine out of its alignment. It’s also fairly uncomfortable to sleep on the couch as your body struggles to find a comfortable position throughout the night.

Ideally, as you go further deeper into the fourth and fifth phases of your sleep, you’ll want your body to be as well rested as possible – not fidgeting and tossing and turning. That can only happen when you’re sleeping with a quality mattress, like a memory foam mattress Singapore. Whereas if you sleep on a couch, your entire spine and body are out of alignment, leading you to wake up to a body full of aches and pains.

Don’t Sleep on Your Couch

There’s a laundry list of negative effects of sleeping on your couch, but the main point is simple: it causes enormous amounts of unnecessary stress on your body.

The way sofas are designed are simply just for sitting and not for sleeping. They’re also too cool or too warm to get a good night’s sleep in, further reducing the quality of your sleep. Not only that, but because you usually just fall asleep on the sofa, you most likely forgot to use comfortable beddings, pillows and sheets. By doing so, you are only denying yourself some quality sleep.

If it really can’t be helped and for some reason you can’t sleep on your mattress in the bedroom, do take some time tucking yourself in and making yourself comfortable first. Also, it should help to invest in quality sofa. Although, as much as possible, you’ll want to sleep on a proper mattress if you can.

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