How Long Should You Keep Your Mattress For?

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June 19, 2018
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How Long Should You Keep Your Mattress For?

Buying a new mattress is something that most people only do a handful of times during their life. Some even go for decades without changing their mattress. But, considering that mattresses are easily the most used piece of furniture in your home, it’s imperative that they are changed well before they become worn out.

How often, though, is the question.

While manufacturer warranties are quite extensive, with majority going for at least ten years, it’s never indicative of how long you should wait to keep your mattress.

Are You Still Comfortable Sleeping On Your Mattress?

This is the most obvious indicator if when your mattress needs to be replaced or not. Don’t refer to the manufacturer’s warranty. Instead, use however you feel. If it feels worse than when it was new, then change it, even if the warranty still applies. It doesn’t matter if it still has ten or five more years to go if you don’t sleep well enough.

Remember, warranties are there for manufacturer defects and not for your level of comfort.

As a general rule of thumb, you should only keep your mattress for as long as you can sleep comfortably on it.

Can Your Mattress Still Support You Properly?

Much like your comfort level, the support your mattress is able to provide is also a good indicator of whether or your mattress already needs replacing.

When one area of your mattress is already noticeably softer than other areas, you’re probably not getting optimal support anymore. Of course, this isn’t as noticeable on a single mattress size in Singapore as it is on a king-sized one, but if you take the time to feel it out, you should be able to find the depressed areas.

If you find a lot, you should think of replacing your mattress as soon as possible.

Are Dust Mites A Problem Already?

This is a common problem among older mattresses, but is often understated.

You see, after years and years of use, your mattress will start to accumulate dead skin cells, as well as dust mites and worse, their droppings. Although mattress protectors, regular vacuuming and even getting the mattress professionally cleaned can help minimize these, the many years of use will eventually take its toll on the mattress.

There’s just no way that you can keep the sleeping surface of your mattress 100% allergen-free forever. You’ll eventually have to replace it after seven to ten years, regardless of how much you take care of it.

Do You Wake Up With Back Pain?

This is perhaps the best way to tell if you need to replace your mattress.

If you notice yourself waking up in the morning with back pain or feeling a little worse for wear with back stiffness, you should probably think about investing in a new latex mattress in Singapore.

Sometimes, your mattress may still feel good to sleep in at first and may not have as many noticeably soft areas, but if wake up with back pain that doesn’t seem to go away, then your mattress probably has already lost its support, signaling the need for a replacement.

There’s no easy way to tell if your mattress needs to be replaced or not. Instead, it comes down to a number of factors. But, now that you know what the most important factors are, it should be easier for you to tell if you already need to replace your mattress from now on.

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